Kashmir Chainstitch Silk and Wool Indian Wall hangings

Wall hangings can best be described as Kashmiri Tapestry Wall Hangings. The artisans use a chain stitch to bring the designs to life, which are stitched onto double ply fabric and usually have tassels on both ends. The entire piece is covered with the stitch which bestows it a look of a painting more than an embroidered item. The designs can range from free-form scenes of nature, to blooming flowers, to geometric patterns, to a combination. Wall hangings also vary in the type of thread used in the stitch: silk thread provides a shining quality, while wool thread has a matte-like finish. It is common to find a piece that is a combination of both, with the contrasting threads complementing each other and adding a multi-faceted texture. The skilled artisans can take a picture (a house, office building, child’s name etc.) and through chain stitch, bring it to life in a Indian wall hangings.

Invite the wealth, warmth and excitement of exhilarating hand embroidery into every homes. Artisans of KashmirStorz from India use their traditional Crewel Chain stitch method of embroidery with wool. High quality, ready to display Wall Hangings are remarkable creations of color, movement and positive energy.We presents a stunning  Kashmiri Wall hanging/ tapestry/ table throw in classic hand embroidered antique design style.Exquisite & intricate hand embroidery done by the craftsmen & embroiderers of Kashmir, indian using wool, linen & cotton threads. Our unique range includes religious, folk, tribal art design motifs on these gorgeous wall hangings. Delicate mirror work & glittering sequin work too on certain pieces!

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