Paper Machie (Gift Items)

We are the renowned Manufacturers , Exporter, and Supplier of beautiful Paper Mache Handicrafts. Paper Mache Handicrafts are made by using premium quality material that makes it durable. Our wide range of Paper Mache Handicrafts includes Paper Mache Animal Statues, Paper Mache Flower Vase, Paper Mache Hanging Balls, Paper Mache Hanging Bells and Paper Mache Lamp. Indian Handicraft Items are extraordinary piece of handicraft and art that enhance the interior with their own unique style. Beautifully made, these Paper Mache Handicrafts are blend of traditional and modernity and has eye catch appearance.

This unique craft involves the use of paper pulp for creating beautiful artifacts painted by expert craftsmen in lifelike images of Kingfishers, maple leaves and other motifs. The traditional Kashmiri method of making Papier mache starts with waste paper which is soaked in water for several days until it disintegrates. The excess water is drained and the soaked waste paper, cloth, rice straw and copper sulphate are mixed to form a pulp. This mixture is placed in a mould and left to dry for two to three more days. On the drying of pulp, the shape is cut away from the mould in two halves and then glued again. The surface is coated with the layer of glue and gypsum, rubbed smooth with a stone or baked piece of clay and pasted with layers of tissue paper. A base color is painted on, and a design is added free hand. The object is then sandpapered or burnished and is finally painted with several coats of lacquer. The ingenious papier mache artisans of Kashmir transform a variety of utility articles into rare art pieces. The creation of a papier-mache object can be divided into two distinct categories, the sakhtsazi (making the object) and the naqashi (painting the surface). The color for painting designs on the surface are obtained by grinding and soaking carious vegetable mineral dyes in pigment or stone form. The final product is a beautiful art work that cannot be called a creation of one artist. It travels many pairs of talented hand before reaching a table or a mantel. Above all other talents, the aesthetic sensibility and hereditary skills are most essential in these craftsmen.

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