Plain Solid Silk Scarves Wholesale

Silk scarves are a classic, timeless fashion accessory for use by both men and women. These gorgeous fashion accessories can add the final touch to your fashion attire. You can use them on any occasion or give them as gifts to special friends or relatives. They can be worn in many different creative ways. For instance: You can wear them on your head as a head scarf or wrap them around your shoulders like a stole. You can tie them to your hair allowing them to hang freely around your neck for that sophisticated look. Or simply tie one around your hips as a scarf belt. However you wear them or with whichever attire you use them. Silk scarves add charm and elegance to your personality and reflect your own individual style.


For that added touch of panache, nothing beats a Solid silk scarf! Kashmirstorz brings you this scarf .You will truly appreciate its quality and love wearing this elegant and artful 100% silk scarf and we are sure you will receive many compliments. Color choices from around 340 shades to match your entire wardrobe. Not only will it make a stunning accessory piece over a simple outfit, but it will also be wonderful to wear on a evening outfit.

Sizes: – 90 cm x 90 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm, 35 cm x 180 cm, 140 cm x 140 cm
Color: – 340 color shades.

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