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There are many qualities in silk rugs, there is 100% original silk kashmir rugs, there is wool silk or rugs, where the base is of wool but the design is of silk. The former is 100% pure silk pile area rugs and the latter is commonly called wool-silk area rugs.

We offer wide range of original silk area rugs and carpets and original wool-silk area rugs, from Kashmir.

We are the original manufacturers of these rugs and those who are interested in buying an original silk area rug, should get in touch directly with a manufacturer without involvement of any mediator and also to get the genuine product.

Besides our other range in handmade rugs, we can also provide you original Silk rugs, from Kashmir, as per your demand & taste. Silk is considered one of the most valuable and esteemed natural products. Carpets of silk are for very high class society. These are considered as high status symbol.

What is actually important is that if you pay for ORIGINAL SILK RUG, you should get original silk Rug.
Kashmir Silk rugs vary a great deal in quality, however, contrary to stigmas attached to some Indian weavings, there are some quite exceptional pieces which may be found. Kashmir Silk rugs are very similar to Silk Ghoms in that the designs which are used are not bound by any one distinct style. Often, these types of rugs incorporate traditional Persian Designs.

Perhaps some of the more common designs of which are used include a “Garden” design, which is a typical panel design incorporating the four seasons. Design elements of which are used includewillow trees, cypress trees, mehrab panels and other. This style of rug is interesting, as often each panel could stand alone as it’s own rug. However, as previously stated, these rugs are not bound by any one type of design, although more frequently found designs include the panel design and medallion.

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