Men’s Scarves: Silk, Cashmere, Wool & More..

Mostly men tend to wear clothes that have a functional purpose. Today men’s fashion is a growing industry allowing men to look great and enjoy functionality in their clothes. One item that should be in the fashionable man s wardrobe is the mens cashmere scarf. Men are taking to wearing mono colored scarves around their neck with shirts, jackets and even suits. As long as the material is cashmere or pashmina scarf, if it is the right color and length can make the dreariest of outfits look good. In fact since so many men wear colors such as blue, black and grey, many colors can be tamed well with them to add a difference to the ensemble. Men’s cashmere scarves certainly are a course in itself when they are continuously up-to-date with creativity as well as style and weaved in the newest styles and also patterns. The particular cashmere scarves produced with regard to men’re usually weaved and never knitted. Men scarves cashmere also comes in sound shades and also examine designs. Cashmere constructed from wool comes from in the fleece protector of the Himalayan goat. Sheep sheds it made of woll early in the year which is gathered as well as skillfully palm content spun. The actual made of woll is indeed fragile that the whole process is conducted together with hands

Kashmirstorz brings to you classy and sophisticated Cashmere Scarves for men that are incredible timeless and never go out of style. Based on creativity, innovation and style, these scarf reflect the latest trend in design and pattern. Reflecting the rich history & tradition of our craft, cashmere men scarves are reputed in the international market for their new designs and excellent craftsmanship.

More Details about the product are as under.

  • Men scarves are made of 4-Ply 100% Cashmere.
  • Also Men Scarves can be made in Silk & Wool.
  • Traditionally Yarn-dyed.
  • Regular Size are 70 cm x 200 cm
  • Clients can choose their own color combination.
  • Style is Diamond Weave.
  • Minimum Quantity to be ordered is 200 pcs.
  • This product can be offered in 10 pcs per color combination and in case of custom color combinations then 100 pcs per color combination.
  • They are offered with short fringes/frays.
  • We also provide custom labels as per requirement
  • It is manufactured in Kashmir
  • Custom sizes can also be offered as per the requirement of client.

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Men's Scarf

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