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Karla Pashmina is a scarf which is made of 100% Kashmir Pashmina Viscose. Viscose is a kind of rayon, which is made by dissolving cellulose (which is mainly wood pulp) and reforming it in filaments. Viscose takes its name from the intermediate viscous liquid, which has the color and fluidity of honey. The chemical and mechanical processes used to dissolve the cellulose and create the final filaments all contribute to the final properties of the thread. Cuprammonium rayon is dissolved in copper oxide and ammonia and ‘Cupro’ has become a recognized name for some forms of viscose. There are other chemical processes, and in fact, some modern processes for manufacturing viscose use water for the initial treatment of the raw cellulose. The filaments are created using nozzles of different sizes and shapes, which can be stretched, doubled, twisted or spun. This can take place either in water or in warm air. With so many variables, manufacturers are developing fibers and fabrics with new weights and wearing properties all the time.

Sometimes it is also tagged as artificial Pashmina scarf and since it costs less, it is preferred by buyers who target low cost market.

More Details about the product are as under.

  • It is offered with fringes/tassels.
  • Usually offered in Plaid Weave.
  • Traditionally hand-dyed.
  • Regular size is 70 cm x 200 cm
  • Color shades can be chosen from around 340 color shades.
  • Minimum Quantity to be ordered is 200 pcs
  • This product can be offered in 10 pcs per color
  • We also provide custom labels as per requirement
  • It is manufactured in Kashmir
  • Custom sizes can also be offered as per the requirement of client.

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