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Embroidered Scarf & Shawl | Handmade Cashmere Pashmina

Kashmir is most famous for its intricately woven and embroidered shawls, which for centuries have been a cornerstone of European fashion Around thirty thousand rural workers still weave and embroidered Kashmiri shawls, which remain a status symbol in India.

We at kashmirstorz are leading wholesale supply and manufacturers of high quality Embroidered Scarf and shawls. In this category we primarily offer there types – Hand Embroidered Scarves, Ary Embroidered Scarves and Shawls and Machine Embroidery Scarves.

Ary Embroidered Scarf and Shawls

Our luxurious collection of Ary Embroidered shawls are made from high quality materials using latest efficient techniques. In these type of shawls embroidery is done with help of Ary instrument. Since due to use of this instrument the cost of producing the embroidery work is less so this is bit cheaper type of embroidery based scarvs/shawls. Multicolour threads can be used to embroider a scarf/shawl. Embroidery done with Ary is bit thick.

Hand Embroidery Scarf and Shawls

This kind of finest form of hand embroidery called needlework is done