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Why Choose Us?


Ingenuity and innovation are the hallmark of eco friendly yarns and fabrics. Our Fabrics are organic, with low-impact dyed, a treasure trove of choices.

While conventionally grown fibers are doused with synthetic chemicals to promote growth and deter pests, organic fibers are grown without them.

Organic and sustainable fabrics sometimes require special care. Always check the label for cleaning instructions on each garment. While many fabrics can be tossed into a washing machine, some fabrics require dry cleaning or hand washing.

Hand Made

Our Fabrics are 100% hand woven and We never Intend to Use Any Synthetics.

100% Truly Eco Clothing

Organic and hand made are the basic criteria for True eco clothing, so when our products fulfill both requirements, they naturally become the best contenders for 100% Truly Eco Clothing.

Chemical Free Natural Dyes

All our dying and Printing is done under Chemical Free Zone and we use only natural dyes such as metal and azo-free dyes. The fabric is processed using eco-friendly dyes, e.g. non-chlorine bleach, silicon-free softeners and low-impact, azo-free dyes.

Exceptional yarns & fibers

We provide the best quality yarns and fibers from low range to high range depending on the customer’s requirement. All our Yarns and Fibers are natural and include all the above mentioned qualities.