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Hand Painted Silk Scarves & Wool Shawls | Luxury Wraps

We manufacturers hand painted silk scarves. We also supply hand printed Wool Shawls, Linen, Cotton and Cashmere Stoles in wholesale. Our Wraps are well known for distinctive artistic design, colour combinations, perfect finish, colour fastness etc. Each of our 100% Habotai Silk art pieces are hand painted with the finest non toxic silk dyes and steam set to ensure long lasting enjoyment. Each piece is created one at a time and no two are alike.

Design hand-painting is different from Digital printing or Screen Printing Technique. It Involves the process of using free hand expression brushes and other tools to print. Our Hand painted Scarves and Stoles using brush are offered in different types of natural fabrics like Silk, Cotton, Wool, Wool/Silk, Cashmere etc exhibiting perfectly blending indian art with traditional and modern concepts. Our Hand dyed and painted scarves always comes with subtle differences in design and color making each scarf uniquely different from any other scarf created.

This skilfully crafted stoles makes an ideal addition to your wardrobe.

Hand Painted Scarves

Hand-painted scarves are an embodiment of artistic expression. Crafted with precision and care, each scarf becomes a unique creation, showcasing the painter’s individual style. From vibrant abstract patterns to intricate designs inspired by nature, these scarves add a touch of personality to any outfit. The canvas of a scarf provides ample space for artists to unleash their creativity, resulting in accessories that are not just worn but adorned as wearable art. Discover the enchanting world of hand-painted scarves, where each stroke of the brush tells a story.  

Hand Painted Shawls

Explore the history of Large Oversize Shawls and their significance in different cultures. From delicate floral motifs to intricate tapestry-like designs, hand-painted shawls are a fusion of art and fashion. Shawls, with their expansive canvas, offer a grand stage for artistic expression. Hand-painted shawls become a striking blend of warmth and artistry. These larger pieces allow for more intricate details, whether it be delicate florals, intricate geometric patterns, or captivating scenes. Draping a hand-painted shawl is not just about covering shoulders; it’s about enveloping oneself in a work of art that commands attention and admiration.

Hand Pained Cashmere Scarves

The luxurious softness of cashmere meets the finesse of hand-painting in cashmere scarves. These scarves embody opulence, offering not only unmatched comfort but also a visual feast of colors and patterns. Hand-painted cashmere scarves often feature intricate designs that complement the fabric’s plush texture, creating accessories that are both indulgent and visually stunning. Wearing a hand-painted cashmere scarf is a statement of refined taste and appreciation for craftsmanship.

Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Silk, with its smooth and lustrous texture, becomes a perfect canvas for hand-painted artistry. Hand-painted silk scarves showcase a blend of elegance and creativity. Artists skillfully apply vibrant dyes to the silk, creating scarves that are not only luxurious to the touch but also visually captivating. The sheen of silk enhances the colors, resulting in scarves that shimmer with every movement, adding a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

Hand Painted Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina, renowned for its warmth and delicacy, becomes a symbol of refinement when adorned with hand-painted designs. Hand-painted Pashmina scarves often feature intricate patterns that reflect traditional craftsmanship. The marriage of Pashmina’s fine wool and the artist’s brush creates scarves that are both timeless and contemporary, making them versatile accessories that can be cherished across generations.

Hand Painted Winter Scarves

As winter approaches, hand-painted scarves take on a new role, offering both warmth and artistic flair. Winter scarves, adorned with hand-painted designs, become essential accessories that not only protect against the cold but also elevate winter fashion. From cozy wool to luxurious blends, hand-painted winter scarves make a bold statement, turning chilly days into opportunities for showcasing unique and artistic style.

Hand Painted Stoles and Wraps

Stoles and wraps, with their graceful drapery, become elegant canvases for hand-painted artistry. The art of hand-painting elevates these accessories to new heights, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Whether adorned with intricate floral patterns, abstract designs, or vibrant motifs, hand-painted stoles and wraps become versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from casual to formal occasions. Wearing a hand-painted stole is not just about warmth; it’s about making a statement, showcasing individuality with each graceful drape.

Hand Painted Silk Shawls

Hand-painted silk shawls, measuring a luxurious 70 cm x 200 cm, are exquisite canvases of artistic expression and indulgence. The generous dimensions of these shawls provide a sumptuous canvas for artists to unleash their creativity, allowing for intricate detailing and vibrant designs. Crafted from the finest silk, these shawls not only showcase the inherent luster and smoothness of the fabric but also elevate the accessory to a wearable masterpiece. The meticulous strokes of the artist’s brush bring life to the silk, creating unique patterns that dance gracefully across the fabric. Draping oneself in a hand-painted silk shawl is more than a fashion choice; it’s a celebration of the harmonious blend of luxurious texture and personalized artistry, turning every wear into an elegant affair. These shawls, with their distinctive size and handcrafted allure, become timeless treasures that transcend fashion seasons, making a bold statement of refined taste and appreciation for the marriage of silk and art.

Hand Painted Linen Scarves and Shawls

Linen, with its breathable and lightweight nature, becomes an unexpected but delightful canvas for hand-painted designs. Hand-painted linen scarves and shawls offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, making them ideal for warmer seasons. Artists skillfully apply their creativity to linen’s textured surface, creating scarves that boast both visual appeal and practicality. The result is a collection of accessories that exude casual sophistication, perfect for adding a touch of art to everyday outfits.

Hand Painted Bamboo Scarves and Shawls

Bamboo scarves and shawls, known for their eco-friendly and sustainable qualities, take on a new level of allure with hand-painted designs. The natural fibers of bamboo provide a soft and breathable backdrop for artistic expression. Hand-painted bamboo scarves and shawls often feature nature-inspired designs, celebrating the synergy between sustainable materials and artistic creativity. These accessories become not only statements of style but also reminders of the beauty that can be found in the marriage of nature and art.

Hand Painted Wool Scarves and Shawls

Wool scarves and shawls, renowned for their warmth, become wearable artworks when adorned with hand-painted designs. Hand-painted wool scarves and shawls often feature intricate patterns and vibrant colors, adding a layer of visual interest to the natural texture of wool. The combination of warmth and artistry makes these scarves ideal for the colder seasons, turning functional accessories into statements of style. Whether draped casually or wrapped with intention, hand-painted wool scarves and shawls bring a touch of artistic elegance to winter wardrobes.

More Details about the product are as under.

  • They can be offered in Cotton, Modal, Silk Blends, Wool Blends, Cashmere and other fabrics.
  • Custom Print Designs can be provided as per customer requirement.
  • It is offered without Fringes.
  • Buyers can select the Crystal design from our catalog.
  • Regular Size is 70 cm x 200 cm however Custom sizes can also be offered
  • Minimum Quantity to be ordered is 200 pcs per style
  • We also provide custom labels as per requirement
  • Manufactured in Kashmir
  • We Ship to Any Country in the world
  • Production Lead Time is Usually 3-4 Weeks

  • Delivery Time is between 4-5 Working Days
  • Payment Mode is mainly Bank Wire Transfer
  • Shipping Mode is usually By Air ( Door to Door Service or Airport to Airport )
  • Shipping Cost mainly depends on the order quantity and volume.
hand painted scarves shawls and stoles
Hand Dyed, Hand Painted Silk Scarves & Shawls

These are beautiful hand dyed and hand loomed 100% silk scarves. Due to the handmade nature of each silk scarf by being hand painted, each scarf shows of the contrasting colours beautifully making each one a unique gift for women. These scarves are offered in various sizes like 70 cm x 70 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm, 70 cm x 200 cm, 100 cm x 200 cm, 120 cm x 120 cm. They can be used as either a lovely soft neck scarf, or as an evening wrap.

Winter Night Handmade, Hand Painted Wool Scarves, Shawls and Stoles

Each Fine Pashmina Wool scarf is treated as canvas. The art of wool painting is very similar to working with aquarelle. The beauty of the fine pashmina wool and the process of painting brings a feel of serenity and in depth harmony. Each scarf is original and one of a kind piece of art, created with love and devotion. All these scarves are either 100% Wool or Wool & Silk blended with eyelash fringes. They are painted with high quality, natural base, professional silk dye. The scarfs are then treated at high temperature. This process bonds the dye with the wool and prevent bleeding, or fading of the colors.

Hand Printed Cotton Shawls, scarves and wraps
Batik, Block Hand Printed Cotton Scarves & Shawls

Each cotton scarf is printed with the original artwork hand painted by our expert designers, and handled individually with care and finely finished with a hem. We use 100% Ethical , elegant, luxuriously soft to the touch cotton which is lightweight and comfortable.All our scarves undergo a water treatment. They’re free from nasties and safe for the skin.One can wear it as a bandana, or wrap it in creative ways around your neck

hand painted Organic Bamboo scarves shawls and stoles
Organic Summer Hand dyed and Painted Bamboo Shawls and Stoles

We make unique hand painted bamboo scarf using Shibori techniques. We only paint with non-toxic iron fix paints.The bamboo fabric is softer than cotton,with luxurious fell and a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk. Product of bamboo fibre is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. It’s anti-static and sits well next to your skin.No irritation. Our hand dyed scarfs are completely unique, with rich colors and sophisticated abstract patterns. This makes an excellent gift for women on any occasion.

In the realm of fashion, some accessories go beyond the ordinary and become works of art. Hand-painted scarves and shawls are a testament to this artistry. At Kashmirstorz, we take immense pride in offering a collection of exquisite hand-painted scarves and shawls that embody the beauty of craftsmanship and creativity. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the enchanting world of hand-painted textiles, uncover the magic behind their creation, and discover why they are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

The Artistry Behind Hand-Painted Textiles

A Rich Tradition: Hand-painted textiles have a rich history dating back centuries. Artisans from various cultures have used this technique to create wearable masterpieces, and it continues to flourish today.

The Craftsmanship: Crafting hand-painted scarves and shawls requires exceptional skill and precision. Each piece is a labor of love, where artisans meticulously apply colors and designs by hand.

Individuality and Uniqueness: One of the most enchanting aspects of hand-painted textiles is their uniqueness. No two pieces are exactly alike, making each scarf or shawl a wearable work of art.

Techniques in Hand-Painting Scarves

Watercolor Style: This technique involves using water-based paints to create soft, flowing patterns on the scarf. It often results in a beautifully blended and ethereal appearance.

Batik Method: Batik is a traditional Indonesian technique where hot wax is applied to the fabric before painting. The wax resists the paint, creating intricate, crackled designs when removed.

Silk Painting: Silk scarves are particularly suitable for hand-painting due to their smooth texture. Artists use silk dyes to create vibrant and detailed designs that are absorbed into the fabric.

Serti Technique: Serti is a French term for “fence” or “enclosing.” In this method, artists use gutta (a water-based resist) to outline their design on the fabric before applying paint. The gutta acts as a barrier, preventing the colors from bleeding into each other.

Versatile Elegance: Styling Hand-Painted Scarves and Shawls

Casual Chic: Pair a hand-painted scarf with jeans and a simple top for an effortlessly chic daytime look. Let the vibrant colors and intricate patterns steal the spotlight.

Formal Excellence: Hand-painted shawls are perfect for formal occasions. Drape them over an evening gown or pair them with tailored formalwear to add an element of artistic luxury.

Everyday Artistry: Hand-painted scarves and shawls are not just for special occasions. Their lightweight and comfortable nature make them suitable for daily wear, infusing a touch of artistry into your everyday attire.

Why Choose Hand-Painted Scarves and Shawls from Kashmirstorz

Exceptional Craftsmanship: At Kashmirstorz, we are committed to offering hand-painted scarves and shawls of the highest quality. Our skilled artisans bring their expertise to every piece, ensuring flawless execution.

Quality Materials: We believe that exceptional scarves and shawls start with the finest materials. Our textiles not only look exquisite but also feel luxurious against your skin.

Diverse Designs: Our collection of hand-painted scarves and shawls boasts a wide range of designs, from intricate patterns to nature-inspired motifs. You’ll find a variety of options to suit your style and preferences.

Customization: We offer customization options, allowing you to collaborate with our artisans to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you have a specific design in mind or want to personalize a scarf or shawl, we bring your vision to life through hand-painting.

A Commitment to Artistry and Ethics

Supporting Artisans: We are dedicated to preserving the art of hand-painted textiles and supporting the livelihoods of our artisans. Fair wages, safe working conditions, and a nurturing environment are integral to our mission.

Sustainability: We are deeply committed to sustainability. Our eco-conscious practices extend to sourcing materials and minimizing our environmental footprint, promoting responsible consumption.

Kashmirstorz’s collection of luxury hand-painted pashminas is a testament to our commitment to preserving traditional art forms while embracing contemporary fashion trends. The delicate brushstrokes, intricate designs, and superior craftsmanship make these pashminas a symbol of timeless elegance and refined taste. By adorning yourself with a hand-painted pashmina from Kashmirstorz, you not only elevate your style but also become a patron of the arts.