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Looking for quality scarves at an affordable price? Kashmirstorz as a Wholesaler is the industry leader in supplying winter scarves and shawls at wholesale prices. We are top suppliers and manufacturers of Bulk winter scarves , winter shawls and wraps and winter head scarf. We have been supplying Stoles and Shawls to USA, Canada, NY, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Australia and many other countries across globe since 1980’s. Every year we launch new Winter fashion Accessories and Shawls Collection and present our customers the latest trends. Our Pashmina shawls are of highest quality and we always make sure that best quality product is delivered to our customers at a competitive price.

Unisex 100% Wool Scarf and Shawls

  • SKU: 565577
  • Our 100% Wool scarves and Shawls are manufactured from quality Merino Wool fabric using latest machines.
  • Our Woolen Wraps and Scarves are made of 100% Australian Merino.
  • They are a perfect fit for Winter Shawls.
  • They are lightweight and delicate. Its weave pattern is usually plain and net weave. It is bit loosely weaved.
  • They are also sometimes rated as best Indian Shawls Wholesale category.
  • We use AZO Free dyes the costliest and best dyes and natural dyes which do not harm anyone.
  • We also manufacture the highest quality of men’s wool Plaid scarves and shawls, making sure that no synthetic fibre is used in the manufacturing of these scarves.
  • And since we always dwell on purity and source purest form of wool yarn from healthy mountain sheep and goats, our wholesale winter scarf for women are skin friendly and do not cause any irritation in the skin.
  • Our woolen man scarf has a elegant luster, softness with sheen, lightweight yet warm and is gentle to touch.
  • We offer these scarves in an array of beautiful colours, patterns and styles to suit every outfit.
  • Our staff and artisans use the looms mainly dependent in human efforts, thereby making sure that all the scarves that we manufacture have the handcrafted touch present in them.

These are carefully produced and designed by our skilled craftsmen and are offered to our international buyers and customers at wholesale price in customized sizes, color and categories. Any customer who has a wholesale requirement for boutique, wholesale distribution or retail chain stores can buy these handcrafted 100% Wool Wraps and other Wholesale scarf in large quantity at Competitive prices.

Sometimes customers look for Acrylic Wool scarves which are provided on request. For ordering Acrylic scarves one needs to have high quantity requirements. The best advantage of hand operated machines is that every product that is produced gets a personal touch.We, Kashmirstorz are the leading manufacturers of Pashmina Shawls From India, wholesaler, supplier, exporters of Indian Scarves and Wraps, scarfs, Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, printed scarf, jacquard scarf, Pashmina Hijab Scarf, Lace Pashmina, and Beach Cover ups.

Silk and Wool Unisex Winter Wraps

  • SKU: 565578
  • We manufacture a large range of Wool and Silk Scarves which are blended wraps with different percentage of wool and silk used.
  • Some of our famous mix blends are 60% Wool 40% Silk Scarf, 90% Wool 10% Silk and 50% Wool 50% Silk Shawls.
  • These are also right choice for Winter Season. Our Silk Wool blended scarfs give cashmere feel are available in a variety of designs and colors.
  • The unique character of this blended fabric is that Silk provides shiny texture while Kashmir Wool Paisley Scarf provides the softness. Silk used is of high quality so that it blends well with Fine Wool and produces the equal quality effect.
  • Mostly people don’t use wraps to their full fashion potential, often forgetting the ways to using Handmade Wool Silk Pashmina and Kashmiri scarfs, different tying styles and throws for adding style and elegance to your look.
  • The makeup of the splendid material means it can be mixed with multiple colour and fabrics with dazzling effects. It is recommended to choose these kind of wraps so that it overwhelms your outfit.
  • This category of wraps can perfectly match any dress and save you from the chilled winters. In this category apart from Plain Solid Stoles, Ombre twin shaded Wraps and Printed Scarfs are also offered in variety of colours and print patterns.
  • Any wholesale customer or retail chain store owner can buy scarf suppliers in Wholesale quantity at discounted prices as Kashmirstorz is wholesaler and supplier, exporters of wraps, Large Pashmina Scarf , Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, printed scarves, jacquard scarf, Indian Shawls, Hijab Scarf, Lace Scarfs, and Beach Cover ups.

Wool Modal Blended Stoles & Shawl

Catering to the diverse requirements of our buyers, we also manufacture Blended Wool and Modal Scarf which are low price replacement version of Silk Wool scarfs.

  • SKU: 565579
  • Lot of customers target a medium customer segment and do not wish to target high price range of scarf and stoles. For those customers we make the wool modal scarf which are perfect in quality and meet the price requirement of our customers.
  • Modal used is from kashmir, so that it blends well with Wool and produces the equal quality effect.
  • One more unique feature of this fabric is that it can produce dual shade affects when dyed.
  • So sometimes customer opts for modal mixture instead of complete Wool scarf so as to reduce the cost.
  • At Kashmirstorz we manufacture women wraps that are made of various blends in different sizes.
  • Our range of blended winter shawls are available at wholesale prices in various colours, ombre twin shaded stoles, Prints,  Jacquards and Lace Patterns.
  • Any wholesale customer or retail chain store owner can buy scarf suppliers in Large quantity at discounted prices as Kashmirstorz is wholesaler supplier and exporters of Fashion Accessories, stoles, Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, printed Wraps, jacquard scarfs, Hand Painted Scarves, Hijab Pashmina, Lace Pashmina, and Beach Cover ups.

Cashmere Silk Pashmina and Shawl

  • SKU: 565580
  • Our Handmade Cashmere Silk Scarves are manufactured at our factory premises in Kashmir – India.
  • These types of Pashminas and scarfs are offered in a wide range of colors , Embroidery and Print Patterns.
  • This also gets attention from our Middle East buyers who like these with French Laces. This fabric is blend of Fine Cashmere Wool and Silk; it has 87% Cashmere Fine Wool and 13% Silk. Majority the Fine Cashmere Wool used is 16 micron yarn density. The unique character of this fabric is that Silk provides shiny texture while cashmere provides the softness. Silk used is of high quality so that it blends well with Fine Wool and produces the equal quality effect.
  • We take pride in the expertise of our workers and our in depth industry experience also enables us to provide new collections in this category year after year so that the style and fashion needs of new age fashion generation are met .
  • Importers, wholesale distributors and retail chain owners can buy any of our Wholesale Winter Pashminas in Wholesale quantity at wholesale prices as Kashmirstorz is wholesaler and supplier, exporters of Wraps, Pashmina, Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, printed Pashminas, jacquard scarf, Hijab Pashminas, Lace Shawl, and Beach Cover ups.

Reversible Silk Pashmina Wraps

  • SKU: 565581
  • We at Kashmirstorz, also specialize in manufacturing and supplying wholesale Reversible Scarf and Shawl. Reversible Cashmere Scarf and Wraps can be wrapped in both ways depending on the colour combination of dress you are wearing.
  • It is both whisper-light and deliciously warm, perfect for any season.
  • Genuine Silk-Pashmina Shawl date back to 15th Century India and were entirely handcrafted by weaving the finest silk fibers with the finest of Cashmere fibers. It is believed that that Moghul rulers of the royal court first inspired and stimulated the production of luxury pashmina shawl by bringing Turkmenistan master weavers from the fabled Silk Road to the Vale of Kashmir in India, where sericulture was widespread. Known in the Urdu language as pashm or pashmina, the finest wool fibers come from the downy underfleece of the Kashmir goats. Only this soft undercoat of Kashmir goats is true cashmere. So this fabric is true silk cashmere.
  • Since the mid 90s, there has been a true resurgence of demand for pashmina by trendy Western shoppers all over, particularly for high-quality ones.
  • Once again, the popularity of real pashmina is so enormous that in the last year or two, street peddlers from Vancouver, Canada to New York City have been hawking fake “100% Pashmina” fabrics that in reality are made of synthetic acrylic originating in the Far East.
  • Buyer beware! Genuine ones are prized by wearers, gift-givers, and travellers for their superb textures as well as for their unique lustre, fineness, softness, smoothness, lightness, warmth, and comfort.

Cashmere Pashmina Scarves and Bulk Winter Wraps

  • SKU: 565592
  • We manufacture cashmere Pashmina Scarves Wraps and shawls in unique designs and appealing colors, which are appreciated and highly liked by all over esteemed customers across globe.
  • A Luxury cashmere Pashmina Scarves Wraps and scarves are versatile luxury item for your wardrobe. Unlike many expensive items of clothing a cashmere shawl can be worn in all seasons and with many different types of outfits. This means you will get the most from your money.
  • Cashmere Pashmina Scarf is a soft warm lightweight fabric, perfect for autumn and winter season. Its manufacturing is based on high percentage of Himalayan Cashmere Pashmina.
  • We are a deemed leading cashmere Pashmina scarves manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India.
  • Any wholesale customer or retail chain store owner can buy scarves for Winter in Large quantity at discounted prices as Kashmirstorz is wholesaler and supplier of embroidered Indian Shawls , exporters of scarves, shawls, Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, printed scarves, jacquard scarves, Hijab Scarves, Lace Scarves, and Beach Cover ups.


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Applicable Season: All Seasons
  • Scarves Type: Winter Scarves & Shawls in Square and Rectangular shapes
  • Material: Silk, Merino Wool, Angora and Cashmere Pashmina
  • Available Pattern Type: Single Colours, Ombre / Two Colour , Tie Dye , Printed
  • Unique Features: Stylish, Eco Friendly, FairTrade, Non Toxic, anti-static, hypoallergenic, Skin Friendly, Keep warm in Winter, and Safeguards from Sunlight in Summer.
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Applicable Scene: Outdoor
  • Origin: India.
  • Style: Fashion
  • Scarves Sizes: 70 x 200 cm , 100 x 200 cm, 100 x 100 cm, 120 x 120 cm, 140 x 140 cm.
  • Model Number: WNTRSCF7002
  • Item Type: Scarves
  • Weight: Light Weight between 90g – 150g
  • Dying Technique : Traditionally hand-dyed with Azo Free Dyes.
  • Printing Technique : We use Screen , Hand Brush and Digital Printing Methods.
  • Design Availability : More than 250 Print Designs as per catalog. Customers can choose the print design from our catalog.
  • Custom Design Availability : We also can make custom or personal print design scarves as per customer requirements.
  • Custom Size Availability : Yes Custom sizes can also be offered.
  • Color Availability : Colour shades can be chosen from around 3000 color shades.
  • Design Availability :
  • Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ ) : 200 pcs ( 50 pieces per colour )
  • Custom Label Availability :- Yes We also provide custom labels as per requirement
  • Production Lead Time : Usually 4 Weeks
  • Packing: Opp bag
  • Delivery Time : 4-5 Working Days
  • Payment Mode : Bank Wire Transfer
  • Shipping Mode : By Air ( Door to Door Service or Airport to Airport )
  • Price : Quoted in US$ or Euro € and Depends on Order Quantity.
  • Shipped : To Any Country in the world . We accept orders from all countries of the world.
  • Shipping Cost : Depends on the order quantity and volume.

Why Choose Us for Wholesale Scarves and Shawl Supplier?

We usually get these type of questions from our new customers and the best answer we can offer mainly to this question is that we are among few companies who offer high quality handcrafted Pashmina Shawls and Scarves in wholesale quantities at an unbeatable price.  We are not just another scarf manufacturing company but have been in this trade since decades and know the in and out of this trade. We not only offer Wholesale scarves for Winter but also share our  expertise with our customers.  For us every customer is of of highest priority and we always make sure that 100% Client Satisfaction is achieved.

We have customers across Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, USA, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE and Australia. Our products have been a mainstay for Wholesale Companies, Luxury Brand, Chain Store retailers of all sizes, events organisers and wedding customers both private & commercial. , the leading Fashion Accessories suppliers, has been in the fashion accessories industry since 1980. By selling products to over 10,000 retail chain stores, and Luxury boutiques in the United States and Europe and around the world, the company specializes in bringing the latest fashion in Pashmina Shawls and scarves to their loyal wholesale customers at great prices. Whether a potential customer is looking for pashminas, wraps, Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, Long Dresses and Beach Cover Ups, this is the source for all their needs.

We at Kashmirstorz Wholesale Shawls and Scarves want you to sell our products, not sit with them. Our low minimum order quantities means you don’t have to tie up your cash in inventory. There’s simply no reason to wait until the summer heat passes us by, to order outstanding wraps and scarves from Kashmirstorz , Scarves and Shawls Suppliers and Wholesale Pashmina Scarves company, right away!

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Some examples of the amazing selections available are Animal Print Pashmina, Border Pattern Pashmina Cashmere Feel Scarf, Circle Design Pashmina, Colorized Pashmina Dozen Pack Pricing Gorgeous Paisley Pashmina Gradation Pashmina Gradation Small Paisley Indian Paisley Pashmina Keffiyeh Scarves Luxurious Paisley Pashmina Metallic Pashmina Premier Pashmina Solid Pashmina Spring & Summer Scarf Square Shaped Scarf Thicker Pashmina Shawl Whole Paisley Pashmina Wrinkle Scarf .

Catalog Range

Every season we launch latest and attractive range of woolen scarves and add those to our catalogs on our website portal. They include the thick heavy wool scarf, the wool cashmere men’s scarf, the printed winter scarves, jacquard scarves, and last but not the least, merino wool scarf. Anyone can order the scarves in any attractive colours and patterns which are suitable for daytime, casual wear or party outfit

Quality control

We always make sure that our scarves are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. One of our special category called jacquard scarves provide the best and affordable luxury. This category has seen recent surge in demand by all of our customers because of their unique style and exquisite patterns. These scarves symbolize the latest fashion trends thereby making them the best choice and favourite of everyone all over the world. Our scarves make sure that everyone becomes an icon of style and confidence with uniqueness.