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Wholesale Kaftans Suppliers | Designer Kaftan Manufacturers

Now a days High End Kaftans or Caftans have become a very integral part of women’s wardrobe, so it is imperative to find special manufacturing companies that can make high quality dresses. Kashmirstorz is one the leading Wholesale Kaftan Suppliers Company and Caftan manufactures in Bulk Quantity.  Be it an Arabic Caftans wholesale kaftan dubai or Designer Dresses , we expertise in all categories and launch more than 50 new styles every year to catch up with new fashion trends.  

Designer Kaftan

Designer Kaftan Dresses Wholesale Suppliers

We at Kashmirstorz are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Designer Kaftan Dresses in bulk. We offer number of different types of designer short caftans for women depending on the customer requirement.

Arabic Kaftan

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wholesale Arabic Kaftan Dresses

Kaftan or Caftan is a traditional Arabic dress. Arabic women loves to wear Kaftan dress in their casual and formal life. As the fashion world is changing and getting wider with some national and international dressing trend getting merged and evolve to get better and further stylish. Bulk Arabic kaftan are mainly long sleeved and length goes upto heel , consists of Cotton and Chiffon fabric and are preferred in plain, printed , embroidered and lace pattern designs. Black, White , Nude and soft colours are mainly seen in Arab Islamic Caftans. These arabic Caftans for women are also known as Jalabiya. We at Kashmirstorz , being leading Bulk Caftans Suppliers, launch latest Arabic Caftans Collection every season. These kind of Plus Size clothing mainly comes under Wholesale modest clothing category and is integral part of ladies wardrobe in Middle eastern countries and muslim dominated areas in Europe and Australia. Some of the intrinsic features of this category is that they always need to be long sleeves so as to cover arms completely. As far as length is concerned they need to be either of floor length or minimum till ankle height. Neck shapes need to be of modest and conservative so that not much is prominently visible.

Printed Kaftan

Printed category knows no boundary and thus Printed Kaftan Dresses are always in demand across globe irrespective of varied fashion trends in different parts of world.  In Arab fashion Printed caftans are sold across economic classes , be it high end, middle or lower income group customers.  Classified as Casual Dresses they are worn in most of the occasions. Mainly Animal , Floral and Bohemian Print designs are preferred with pastel colours. Cotton Fabric is opted mostly. Being a Leading Caftans suppliers our printed Caftans are always in demand. Long Printed Dresses are mostly demanded in places where conservative fashion is primary and as far as fabrics are concerned mostly crepe fabric is used.

Silk Kaftans Wholesale

Silk Kaftans Wholesale Suppliers

Both Silk Kaftans and Chiffon Caftan Dresses are lightweight and easy to wear. One can effortlessly go from poolside to having dinner with friends by simply pairing the kaftan with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts. With bright colors and a relaxed fit, now a days they are the must have garment for your beach bag or suitcase.When summer hits the peak, caftans are very much the ideal way to stay cool and comfortable. These kind of maxi dresses were initially  traditional, but now they have returned with a higher degree of style. whenever one wears and flaunts caftan, they are able to enhance and elevate their style statement with greater confidence.

Embroidered Kaftan

Embroidered kaftan considered to be high end luxury caftans. Delicate and intricate embroidery work is done over the sleeve , neck and front bottom of the dresses.  Small motif designs are liked by everybody. Tone on tone colour of embroidery thread and fabric is preferred.  High quality fabrics like cotton, Georgette, modal, chiffon and silk are demanded.

Beach Kaftan

The beach kaftans are primarily used as cover ups to get protected against excessive sun at the beach. Though it is often seen that people go to beach to get sun kissed glow, but as they say too much of everything is bad thus if the skin is too much exposed then it has lot of ill effects that can cause long term problems for skin. So it is because of that main reason that ladies wear stylish beach outfits to remain protect and at the same time enjoy the outing. it also as other essential aspects linked to it. Other important aspects of these lightweight garments is that while roaming around the beach in bikini or three piece dress girls feel the requirement to have something to cover-up, especially when walking through common areas like the lobby or a bar. Also termed as Beach Cover ups, these Beach Caftans are worn over swimwear on a beach side or pool parties. Mostly Tropical print designs are preferred. Most of our cover-ups are in high quality rich fabrics and our entire lineup is as comfy as beachwear gets. Our summer-ready selection is multi-purpose and doubles as loungewear—bring the beach wherever you want to with a variety of colours, styles and prints. Main fabrics used are cotton , modal , viscose and high end silk. Main prerequisite of beach wears is that it should be lightweight so we tend to use only those fabrics which are lighter, softer and summer friendly. Our Modern Metallics cover-ups even come with matching carrying cases. With so many fashionable choices and being the Leading Bulk Kaftan Suppliers, Our Beach kaftan and Cover Ups are the perfect choice for summertime or anytime. So Any customer looking for Beach kaftan wholesale in bulk quantities can contact us as we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of beach kaftans

Lace Kaftan

Lace kaftan Dresses are blend of high quality fabrics like cotton, Georgette, modal, chiffon and silk with nice intricate light weight Chantilly and French laces. laces are embroidered over the Caftan dress to give it a luxury look and make it special. Usually lace designs are attached on sleeves, waist and around neck and shoulder.  In Laces primarily floral and paisley designs are preferred.  Arabic fashion being tilted towards conservative mode, thus these long sleeves lace caftans are preferred by customers. Also the long Caftans are preferred below knee level.  In terms of colours , sober white, nude, grey, blue, pink and black are mostly in demand. We are leading Caftans Suppliers in Lace Caftan Dresses Category too.

Casual Kaftan

Casual Wholesale Kaftans Dress Suppliers

Casual kaftan Dresses primarily meet the requirements of attending casual functions like going on with friend , evening date or family get together. These Casual attires are usually Plain Solid Colour based and Printed ones. We at kashmirstorz supply casual kaftan Dresses , Evening kaftans for australia in both short and long lengths.

Summer Kaftan

Summer Caftan Dresses and Kaftans Suppliers

Gone are the times when women used to have an option of just a beach throw-over, the Summer Caftans has now become one of most popular dresses for these glorious summer months. At Kashmirstorz we started introducing Bulk Summer kaftan in our Kashmirstorz collections about seven years ago and their popularity has increased to highest level and thus we increased the number of styles and they have now become a staple part of our seasonal collections, particularly spring/Summer.

Dubai Kaftan

Dubai Kaftans Suppliers

Dubai Caftans is primarily a nomenclature for arabic Caftans with a blend of modern fashion. Dubai kaftan mainly consists of Cotton and Chiffon fabric and are preferred in plain, printed , embroidered and lace pattern designs. Black, White , Nude and soft colours are mainly seen in Dubai Caftans. Kashmirstorz has been involved in manufacturing and supplying Bulk Dubai Caftans since 2010.

Silk Kaftan

Dresses Like Silk Caftans have a stylish and attractive flow and they drape on the body to compliment any shape and figure.  Women throughout ages have coveted its way of molding their body in elegance but still in humility. We at Kashmirstorz manufacture high quality Bulk Silk Kaftan Dresses mainly in Printed and Lace category.

Cotton Kaftan

Cotton Kaftan Dress Manufacturers

Cotton Kaftan have become one of the most sought out among the Latest  Ladies Trendy Caftan Tops and Casual Dresses. For every occasion & every season somehow Cotton Kaftan Dresses fit the bill. Be it a summer holiday on the beach side, Cotton caftans act as premium resort Wear.

Oversize Kaftan

Oversize Kaftan Bulk Suppliers and Caftan Manufacturers

Loved by people who relish wearing loose fit over sized Caftan dresses. These Beautiful and classy Oversized kaftan usually comes with pockets and are of floor length. They are normally demanded in woven patterns and linen and denim fabric is preferred.

Chiffon Kaftan

Bohemian Chiffon Kaftan Dresses

The versatility of this sheer Chiffon gear in the hotter months is always a pleasure to wear and be seen in. Both Silk Caftans and Chiffon Caftan Dresses are lightweight and easy to wear. One can effortlessly go from poolside to having dinner with friends by simply pairing the kaftan with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts. With bright colors and a relaxed fit, now a days they are the must have garment for your beach bag or suitcase.

Pleated Kaftan

The point of making Pleated Kaftan Dresses is to ease movement or to achieve a particular outcome, while hiding the volume. In-spite of the fact that these dresses look great on all body shapes, they are more popular among conservative fashion group.

Sleeveless Kaftan

Sleeveless Kaftan Dresses Suppliers

They are just like a normal Caftans without Sleeves or you may say that the sleeves are cut off. It is different from a tank Tops in that it has ordinary shoulders and not styled straps

Deep Neck Kaftan

Deep Neck Kaftan Dresses

These types of Caftans are perfect combination of style and trend. These type of Deep neck kaftan dresses are often used to flaunt a cocktail party by looking graceful and beautiful at the same time.

Short Knee Length Kaftan

Knee Length Kaftan dresses Manufacturers

There are lot of kaftan fashion lovers who love short and comfortable Caftans, for such people short Caftans are the best choice. IT usually has medium length sleeves and comes both in Plain Solid Colours and prints. Fabric ranges from Cotton, Georgette to Pure Silk.

Long Sleeve Kaftan

Long Sleeve Kaftans

Long Sleeve Maxi Kaftan Dress must have full sleeves that cover the entire arms up to the wrists. Being fully covered this style is very popular in the cold seasons like winter. Long sleeve Caftans are mostly demanded in Arab countries.

Short Sleeve Caftan

Short Sleeve Wholesale Kaftans Suppliers

Short Sleeve Maxi Kaftan Dresses have sleeves that are extended only to above the elbows. Short Sleeves are actually longer than cap sleeve and shorter than ¾ sleeve. Short sleeves must cover, or seem to cover, the armpit for them to be differentiated from cap sleeves. 

Moroccan Kaftan

Islamic Moroccan Wholesale Kaftan Dress Suppliers and Dubai Kaftan Manufacturers

This Moroccan Caftan Dresses collection carries luxurious jalabiyas nourished with intricate embroidery work and modern cut designs. A wide range of colors and patterns are produced and offered by us to our customers in Luxury Caftans Dresses collection. All the Kaftan Dresses are stylish, unique and fashionable. Usually Wholeale Moroccan Caftans are decorated with heavy embroidery work on the neck line of the Caftan shirt and some are embellished with lace wok on neck and sleeves.

Beach Kimono Kaftan

Beach Kimonos Kaftan Wholesale Supplier

Covering up the entire body at the beach is important to avoid overheating and even sun burns, so for a trendy cover up a beach kimono is perhaps the most.

Slit Kaftan

Deep Neck Slit Kaftans wholesale suppliers in Australia And Europe

Side Slit Caftan Dresses are designed to ease the movement in a body fitted pencil outfit, increase air ventilation and somehow provide a sexy glance of nice shape of leg. Slits are cut from the hem to the knees, or higher towards the natural waist.

Purchasing Caftan dresses from Wholesale Kaftans Suppliers is a decision that is sure to make a bold impact on your trendsetting customers and brand. Buy Caftan dresses for a quick and easy way to make your customers look so fashionable. We have customers across Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, USA, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE and Australia.  Our products have been a mainstay for Importer Companies, Luxury Brand, Chain Store retailers of all sizes, events organisers and wedding customers both private & commercial.

Types of Caftans for Europe and Australian Markets

Long: Caftans have been in variable associated with this style in which sleeve lengths vary between three fourth of arm to full length and one can easily find it available in any market. These often display the sense of Afrocentric patterns and designs. As far as dress length is concerned it will always reach down to the ankles.

Short: In traditional fashion age Caftans were primarily designed to with a sense to cover almost entire full body but with modern trends and changes in the likes of fashion goers modern designers altered them to show off women’s legs. Although girls do tend to use them even for some conservative events or even when you going with girlfriends and wear additional accessories like panty hose.

Open: One more common belief attached is with caftans is that it is a dress with closed front. But with new trends being introduced by fashion designers there has been some development towards making fashion front open long, lightweight overcoats. These are mainly valuable for layering over other outfits, particularly in the seasons of mid spring and fall when the weather is warm but the wind is still chilly. The short version of open caftan is also used as swimsuit cover up for beach time occasions.

V-neck: When some ladies don’t afraid to flaunt their body and flash their beauty they go for Deep V Neck Styles. This type clearly does not fit any one who is tilted towards modest clothing. The V-neck though being deep is designed in such a way as to complement—but not expose ladies assets. These are great for warm, casual settings when you want to be comfortable and fabulous:

Fitted: Some time petite ladies with small body frames don’t prefer oversize loose hanging way from body type caftans so they prefer to have dress with some kind of shape with somewhat narrow in around the waist to flatter their figure. Also with these type of outfits belts with a tie are offered, which helps in swapping out for an even more gorgeous and sexy look. Designer belts or accessories like Silk scarves are also used as belt replacement and tied around waist. These curvy caftans are primarily used for occasions of evening parties or no casual occasions.

Dual-layer: And finally another type of category does pop up in market where in they have solid first layer and on top of that another translucent outer fabric layer is attached so as to give the garment an ethereal effect and an angelic look as if the wearer has come directly from heavenly abode. One can find these kinds mostly in single solid plain colours but designers also look to add flair to them by using beads , jewels, embellishments and some light embroidery work done near neckline and around borders. But since the garment is already heavy with layering one always makes sure that additional work attached is done to the extent of not making the overall garment too heavy to be carried around easily by ladies.

Why to Choose Kashmirstorz as Wholesale Kaftan Suppliers?

  • We have been in the industry for over three decades and thus carry a reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale kaftan suppliers of all kinds of Kaftan / Caftan Dresses and supplying to customers across globe. Our esteemed international clients from USA, Europe , Middle East, Japan, and Australia have been associated with and are completely satisfied with our quality and product and services. Over the years, we have become the biggest exporters of kaftan Dresses and other similar garments Long Dresses , Beach Cover ups and kimonos.
  • Our caftans come in wide variety of beautiful colours and attractive designs. The Silk caftans are the favourite by our european customers because these dresses serve a dual purpose. They not only help in keeping out the cold but also make anybody look trendy and fashionable. Our Manufacturing factory in Kashmir manufactures and produces exclusive & exquisite women Caftans like the silk caftans, Cotton Caftans, women Embroidered caftans, and the Chiffon caftans. The Cotton Caftans are popular because you can wear them at any time of the day and with all outfits
  • We always strive to produce best of best quality in whatever we do. Thus our Caftans are also of the best quality. They come in exclusive designs and colours. Our designing team makes sure that whatever new collection we produce it should incorporate the latest trends and patterns on these Caftans. You have the Solid Colour Plain Caftans, the striped caftans, and the Printed caftans among a host of other designs.
  • Our Dresses are available at Bulk prices. Large retailers and chain store owners can order their requirement online. Also in fact we can entertain small buyers also who have minimum order quantity requirement of only 100 pieces per style. We also provide the custom design based Dresses so our customers have the facility to personalize their designs. Offering custom based Dresses has been one of our key assets lately because this has given our customers the liberty to get the upper edge to their collections and this way they are able to make their customers stand out of the crowd with their own women caftan designs..
  • The modern-day Large and retail chain customers prefer to browse the collection online and decide what to order and then order the Bulk quantity online. We facilitate online order booking service to all our customers and offer them e-catalog presentation service which gives them the opportunity to check our latest collection without moving an inch from their respective locations. So anybody interested in kaftan dresses can confidently contact us at Kashmirstorz and we will be more than happy to help and serve your esteemed organisations.

For more information, Please fill out the inquiry form available at https://www.kashmirstorz.com/enquiry/en/request-quote , if you would like to apply for our stockiest or want to buy our product in Bulk. Or visit us directly at https://www.kashmirstorz.com and explore all the products. Also you can email us your requirement directly at contact@kashmirstorz.com. We have customers across Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, USA, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE and Australia.  So if you are looking for Dubai Wholesale Kaftans Suppliers or Turkish Wholesale Kaftans Suppliers then contact us.Our products have been a mainstay for Large Companies, Luxury Brand, Chain Store retailers of all sizes, events organisers and wedding customers both private & commercial.