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Silk Kaftans | Designer Printed Long Chiffon Caftan Dresses

Dresses made of Pure Silk have special place among fashion lovers across the globe. Thus Pure Silk Kaftans and Designer Printed Chiffon Caftan dresses also holds special place everywhere.We at Kashmirstorz manufacture high quality Mulberry Silk Kaftans Dresses mainly in Printed and Lace category.  Our Designer Printed Chiffon Kaftans are now liked more than ever.  Sometimes even unfamiliar color schemes are appreciated in this beautiful fabric based dresses.

Kaftans are now the integral part of ladies wardrobe and can be worn in any season, including the rains, depending on the fabric materials that has been used to produce them. Kaftans are manufactured in various fabrics which ranges from polyester, Viscose crepe, modal,  cotton and silk. One can choose different materials depending on the budget and other needs.

Low cost Kaftans which can be used to gift or used for regular day to day outfits comes in polyester, cotton fabrics and viscose crepe. Modal , Silk and Silk blend kaftans comes under expensive range and can be selected for special occasions.Everybody has a unique shape and comprises of distinct features and characteristics. Therefore, every body shape need to be addressed individually when it comes to choosing clothes, dresses , outfits or for that matter any ladies attire. This is also applicable in the context of kaftans. Kaftan looks good on anyone provided the best matches is selected according to the the shape of your body so that it brings a balance silhouette. Every season one can find several designs and styles in kaftans because they are being updated from time to time continuously. Hence, once can be rest assured that there will never be any difficulty faced in finding the ideal kaftan matched to the shape of any body. The crucial thing that you need to do is to figure out the shape of your body and find the ideal one that matches your shape.

The versatility of this sheer Silk gear in the hotter months is always a pleasure to wear and be seen in. Both Silk Kaftans and Chiffon Caftan Dresses are lightweight and easy to wear. One can effortlessly go from poolside to having dinner with friends by simply pairing the kaftan with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts. With bright colors and a relaxed fit, now a days they are the must have garment for your beach bag or suitcase.When summer hits the peak, caftans are very much the ideal way to stay cool and comfortable. These kind of maxi dresses were initially  traditional, but now they have returned with a higher degree of style. whenever one wears and flaunts caftan, they are able to enhance and elevate their style statement with greater confidence. Whether one wants to spend a day by the side of the pool or want to go out shopping on a hot summer day, they will love their dress and stay comfortable in it. A crop of stylish kaftans can be easily worn even over a bathing suit. Just one needs to follow few simple tips in order to keep your kaftan in style.

Since sometimes new businesses who tend to approach us for Bulk wholesale Kaftans and Caftan Dresses and they usually ask WHY SILK KAFTANS?  And our response has always been that

  1. Dresses Like Silk kaftans have a stylish and attractive flow and they drape on the body to compliment any shape and figure.  Women throughout ages have coveted its way of molding their body in elegance but still in humility.
  2. Silk is warm and cosy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise.  Its natural temperature-regulating properties give silk this paradoxical ability to cool and warm simultaneously.  Silk garments thus outperform other fabrics in both summer and winter.  Silk worn as a second layer warms without being bulky.  Worn in all countries silk is a truly international fashionable item
  3. Silk fabric has the highest level of absorption level, it can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture without feeling any dampness.  This Silk will easily absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe.
  4. Silk also has a natural protein structure containing Sericin, an anti-acarid property which nullifies the growth of acarids and mold, thereby making it the best choice for skin allergies.
  5. Another noticeable feature of Silk is that its filaments have a triangular structure. Because of the that feature, colours printed on silk come out as particularly vibrant.  It has a luxurious feel, lustre and ability to capture colour and all these features have surely inspired artists throughout history
  6. Instead of having very delicate appearance, its smooth and silky surface resists soil and odours well.  100% Silk is always wrinkle and tear resistant and dries quickly.

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