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Linen Scarf, Shawls, Lightweight Wraps for Women & Men

Kashmirstorz is the wholesale supplier and manufacturers of linen scarves for men and women, Lightweight summer linen wraps and shawls from India. We specialise in offering linen linen headscarf, pashmina, square scarf & neckerchief at competitive prices since 1980. Our highest Quality has been the trademark of our products.  

100% Linen Scarves emanate elegance and are timelessly stylish. A lightweight Linen Scarves are not just fashionable , but a must-have for chilly evenings on a summer vacations and also keeps anyone cosy in the cooler months. So in short all other scarves are often worn in cold seasons but with linen scarves are all time favourites Whether the calendar says it’s autumn, spring, winter or summer.Thanks to its natural ability to take dyes, linen comes in a huge collection of colors, meaning one can find the perfect scarf to match the outfit.

We offer various categories in Linen as mentioned categories

Plain Single Colour Linen Scarves and Wraps

In Plain Scarves category we offer more than 2500 shades available in pantone TPX shade card. We also offer custom colours as per requirements. Plain Linen Shawls and Scarves for Women are always classic and timeless fashion accessories for use by both men and women. You can buy large Wholesale quantities of Solid Colour Wraps online from Kashmirstorz. All our shawls are traditionally hand dyed using chemical free dyes. Prices depend on the order quantity requirements by customer. Many sizes like 70 cm x 200 cm, 100 cm x 200 cm, 140 cm x 140 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm, and any other specific size required by the customer’s personal preference can be offered. Any customer whether importer or retail chain store owner can from us in bulk quantity at discounted prices.

Printed Linen Scarves and Wraps

Printed Linen Scarves and Wraps

Having an expertise of three decades we keep our print collection updated with the changing trends and make sure to offer unique and latest patterns in Printed Linen shawls and scarves category. Linen has a intrinsic feature to absorb every colour very well so customers mostly look for subtle colour print designs. We supply wholesale Printed Scarves and Shawls in Modern and Classical print designs, vibrant colours, and sophisticated style. Print Designs that we offer are Animal, Floral, Paisley , Polka dots and abstract prints. However if there is a need for custom printed wraps or personalised shawls, we also offer customised designs and colour as per requirement. We use both Screen printing and Digital Printed Technique to print scarves. Apart from there obvious and popular functions, a quality linen scarf can serve in many other unexpected ways like becoming a headband if one forgets hat at home, serve as a beach towel after unexpected swim, transform into a makeshift blanket to sit on.

Tye Dye Scarves and Shawls

Our Linen Wraps with tie dye feature have a unique way to casually compliment any boho outfit while giving your style a laid back vibe. All of our Tie Dye head wraps are made in India and sold in Bulk  wholesale quantities.  Handmade from 100% Linen material and tie dyed in a combination of beautiful eye-catching colors.  The process of Tie Dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, stitching or crumpling scarf fabric and binding with string, followed by application of dye(s). Our Tie Dye may feature slight variations in color, details and overall appearance.  Due to being artistically created by hand, please accept and appreciate the minor imperfections. No two scarves are exactly the same which is a true characteristic of this craft.

Ombre and Shaded Scarf & Shawls

Pure and authentic accessory, our Ombre Scarf and Shawls category in Linen are a true mark of elegance and style with unmatched quality. These are also called Two Tone and Graded scarves & Stoles. Scarves are probably the most unique accessory created by the human kind. While hats and gloves are mostly worn in the winter, a shaded or gradient coloured scarf can be worn during the winter as well as in the summer.A quality Ombre or shaded linen scarf – is an accessory which a contemporary woman (and a man, for that matter) must have in her wardrobe. This elegant organic linen scarf is gorgeous soft. A beautifully perfect accessory to wear for any occasion. A beautifully perfect accessory to wear for any occasion whether it is casual, office, party or travel. Customers usually demand big size scarves of 100 cm x 200 cm and 120 cm x 180 cm.

Hand Painted Shawls & Scarves

A hand painted Linen scarf is not just another way to keep your neck warm, but it’s a way of telling the world that one loves colors.  Our soft and luxurious neck scarves are the perfect accent to make any wardrobe. Every scarf we are making are hand painted by the artists.It Involves the process of using free hand expression brushes and other tools to print. We don’t use any machines to make them. These type of scarves make every women unique. They are completely handmade and organically handcrafted. Each scarf is painted one at a time by our artisans who expertise in this trade since ages. Our Hand Printed scarves are available in Modern and Classical designs, vibrant colours, and sophisticated style. Many sizes like 70 cm x 200 cm, 100 cm x 200 cm, 140 cm x 140 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm, and any other specific size required by the customer’s personal preference can be offered. Any customer whether importer or retail chain store owner can from us in bulk quantity at discounted prices.

Embroidered Linen Pashmina

Handmade Embroidered Shawls made of Linen fabric

We at kashmirstorz are leading wholesale supply and manufacturers of high quality Linen Embroidered Pashmina Scarf and shawls. In this category we primarily offer there types – Hand Embroidered Scarves, Ary Embroidered Machine Embroidery Scarves Shawls. 100% Pure Natural Flax Linen Fabric with Finer quality 60 Count Linen Yarn, resulting in a Lighter, Airy, Breathable, Softer and more Durable Fabric. We offer many beautiful Motifs and abstract floral pattern based Embroidery designs or custom designs as per buyer requirements. Kashmir is most famous for its intricately woven and embroidered shawls, which for centuries have been a cornerstone of European fashion Around thirty thousand rural workers still weave and embroidered Kashmiri shawls, which remain a status symbol in India

Linen Blended Scarves & Wraps

We also offer various linen blended wraps in which we blend linen with other fabric compositions to give customer’s variety as far as price and softness is concerned. Main blend which is high in demand that we offer is Linen Modal Blended Scarves, Shawls & Wraps which are blends of Linen and Modal. It has 60% Linen and 40% Modal. Linen used is of high quality and softness. The unique character of this fabric is that Modal provides shiny texture while Linen provides the rich premium look. An essential accessory whatever the weather, our Linen scarves and shawls will add a graceful finish to any outfit. We at Kashmirstorz offer best quality linen scarves , Linen Scarf Scarves, shawl and wraps and Whether you want a splash of colour or a subtle accent, we’ve got just the thing for you.

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