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Kashmirstorz is one of the leading Wholesale Maxi Dress Manufacturers and Direct Bulk Suppliers from India. Oversize Dress or Plus Size Dresses which were once branded as Informal long gowns with floor or ankle length, have become most adored formal outfits. Modern Styles are usually form fitted at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, cut to flow over the body.

Wholesale Maxi Dresses Suppliers

At Kashmirstorz we strive to create different styles of ladies dress so that it becomes possible for women to wear them anywhere from the beach to parties and so forth. If you are looking for wholesale maxi dress, kaftan Loose dress , Plus Size Maxi Dresses , Plain dress supplier, Maxi Dress Direct Suppliers or Wholesale Cotton Maxi Dresses, then you have reached the right place.

Some of our major best selling women’s maxi dresses categories include

Solid Color Plain Maxi Dress

These Fashion Maxi Dresses are made of a single particular colors. Usually white and dark colors are demanded by our customers to form a basis for adding colors. This category of dress is always in demand because of the major advantage being that simple & neutral colors pair easily with most outfits, shoes and other accessories.Despite their simple structure, these plain dresses are incredibly versatile. One can easily dress them for evening or dress them down for quick shopping. And for obvious reasons, they sometimes make great loungewear. One can enjoy the Fashion Maxi Dress summer breeze by wearing a floor length maxi outfit with jewelled sandals or heels.A simple style fitted on the bust and waist and flowing over the hips is really attractive and gives anyone a slim-line silhouette, with the extra length making the overall legs looking longer. Sometimes customers look for these types of dresses with broad waist belts so as to seek attention. It is easy to accessorise with these solid colour outfits.If one wants to take these oversize Solid Colour dresses from warm weather to cold zone, it is very much possible by adding leggings or thick stockings underneath. One can also paid them up with an extravagant faux-fur coat on top

Printed Maxi Dress

In this category mostly Floral and Animal Print based Dresses for are always in demand.But we can offer prints range from simple to intricate prints. Other Patterns can abstracts, geometrical, modern Prints etc. Printing technology mainly used in Digital Printing because it us enables our designers to user creative ideas to print garments with maximum ease. Floral and Animal Prints , especially Leopard Printed Dress are very much now part of every customers liking. We at Kashmirstorz manufacturers and Supplies Turkey Maxi Dresses and Printed Maxi Dress in Bulk to customers across globe in Bulk Quantities. In print designs majorly customers ask for Floral , Animal , leopard , Tropical , butterfly , Tropical, Cheetah and Butterfly Prints. But we can offer prints range from simple to intricate prints. Other Patterns can abstracts, geometrical, modern Boho Prints etc. Printed Patterns mostly Floral Maxi Dress with medium to Long Sleeves, are often pretty much trendy in cool places and for winter season. Colorful prints and light weight fabric based maxi dresses are in high demand for warm weather. Flower based prints are most popular for Summer Maxi Dresses styles. A comfortable and stylish outfit is every woman’s right and for that matter to most women, a flowy and modest outfit is a huge asset. Other than Floral patterns, Stripes and Bohemian Patterns are also quite flattering.Due to their versatility , lightweight nature and femininity, Floral Printed Maxi Dresses are some of the most admired and fashionable items of clothing in many areas around the world.. One can dress it down for the summer, or hide many layers underneath for the winter.

For ladies with flawed legs, long dresses are forgiving.These type of Maxi Dresses can  be worn casually with flip flops or with stylish heels. One can also choose a sheer style for the beach or pool, or opaque for a formal occasion. Size of the prints is the key.  In gener , small prints are the best fit and advised to petite women.  Because It has often seen that with large prints on maxi dresses they cover the big area across maxi dresses thereby covering the whole body, and thus large prints may look too busy and overwhelming on a short body type or ladies with small frame.

Tie Dye Maxi Garments

If you search the internet and wikipedia , you will come to know that tye and dye process typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or Cotton Thread bands, followed by application of coloured dye(s). Since 2016 Tie Dye pattern based dresses have also got lot of attention. Tye and dye basically involved complete hand work and thus no two pieces are ever identical and this makes this category unique because every customer owns a unique dress and wears with lot of sense of exclusivity and pride.Mostly the fabrics used are cotton, viscose chiffon crepe and silk. Colours used are mainly acid dyes.

Casual Maxi Dress

Our Casual Maxi Dresses for are Perfect for a romantic date or night out with a friend, this category is demanded by our customers mainly as Cotton , Linen, Silk and Chiffon Maxi Dresses. These Cotton Casual dress are offered in Solid Colours, Prints and Embroidery Designs. In printed Cotton dress Floral and Paisley Print are always in demand. But we can offer prints range from simple to intricate prints. Other Patterns can abstracts, geometrical, modern Prints etc. Printing technology mainly used in Digital Printing because it us enables our designers to user creative ideas to print garments with maximum ease.

Formal Maxi Dress

Formal maxi dress are ideal for evening events and in-house office parties. A lot of women professionals don’t really appreciate the idea of short dress at work, especially for office events, and that’s exactly where a formal dress comes in the picture. Most formal Plus Size dress have some element of extra style in the form of the shape and cut!

Embroidery Maxi Dress

Our Embroidered Maxi Dresses are unique in design and style. They are luxury product and often demanded by our high end customers.For a feminine and whimsical look, embroidered maxi dresses makes a beautiful choice. Mainly preferred in light solid colours like a white maxi appears light and breezy, making it perfect for laid back looks during the warmer months. These types of dresses are demanded in various fabrics fabrics but mainly cotton, linen, viscose crepe and Silk are particularly ideal. Subtle embroidery Patterns are mostly considered by our customers. Small floral Motifs and paisley designs are always in demand as far as embroidery pattern goes.

Embroidery styles mainly used are hedebo, cross stitch, Candlewick , Crewel and Goldwork. Embroidery can also assimilate other materials such as pearls, beads and sequins etc. An embroidered maxi outfit is distinguished with its distinct and enriching embroidery pattern that adds an amazing look to the dress and enriches the beauty of any fashion goer. Traditional vintage embroidery like zari work, zardozi, mirror-work and resham work are also largely used to enhance the appearance of traditional outfits like kaftans, Maxi Dress and long kimono dresses.Heavy and deep embroidered dress is the first pick by ladies for special occasions like wedding parties, engagements, reception gatherings, and other festive events. This is the reason why they are demanded heavily during the wedding season. However, you can find casual embroidered caftans as well that are a fit for semi-formal occasions.

Long Sleeves Maxi Dress

Long Sleeved Maxi Dress must have sleeves that cover the entire arms up to the wrists. This style is very popular in the cold seasons like winter.Mostly Popular amongst ladies in Arab world and aged ladies. With maturity ladies resist dresses which makes them showcasing much of bare body, so they incline themselves towards opting for sober garments. Also with age the body shape of ladies does tend to go haywire and thus in light of the fact that other than covering legs, Long sleeves dresses disguise out of shape midlife arms as well.  In Arab fashion world modest clothing is a predominant factor hence dresses which reveals almost nothing are always preferred and thus long sleeves dresses makes top of their demand list. Theses dresses are mostly designed with a bit of curvy and body shape patterns. As far as fabrics are concerned lighter materials like chiffon and cotton mainly used. Printed Patterns , embroidered Neckline and lace patterns are also offered in long sleeves outfit category.

Short Sleeves Maxi Dress

Short Sleeve Dress have sleeves that extend to above the elbows. The term is used to mean longer than cap sleeve and shorter than ¾ sleeve.In this category called Short Sleeve In this category called Short Sleeve Maxi Dresses mainly sought out features  are adorable small floral prints and a longer dress length. Other main aspects of these kind of outfits is that customers look for soft material because of obvious summer season heat. Ladies tend to look for curvy sizes and sometimes in additional pockets for that extra edge. These type of outfits are very much in demand in Japanese market because of mostly ladies being of Petite Structure the tend to keep most of their arms open and bare. Although our japanese customers look for oversize patterns with small sleeves.

Cotton Maxi Dress

Cotton Maxi Dresses Wholesaler and Manufacturer

Cotton dress are best Summer outfits and sought out by fashion goers across the world. Printed Cotton Dress are mainly preferred along with embroidered styles primarily in arabic fashion world.Cotton is regarded as one the best and organic natural textile fiber , so whatever dresses are designed in cotton , they end up being very much comfortable to wear , absorbs water and breathes, and are perfect for summer season. In hot summer countries everyone wants to have a long but loose-cut cotton dress in their wardrobe. It is a well known fact that maxi dress that is of full-length and having flowy style adds a certain sophistication to all-day comfort.All our dresses in cotton fabrics are designed and manufactured in Plain Colours, Printed Patterns and Embroidered Designs. In the category of prints, Cotton dresses are mostly opted in Floral and Paisley Print patterns. But we can offer prints range from simple to intricate prints. Other Patterns can abstracts, geometrical, modern Prints etc. Printing technology mainly used in Digital Printing because it us enables our designers to user creative ideas to print garments with maximum ease.

Arabic Maxi Dresses

Bulk Arabic Maxi Dresses Manufacturers

Find terrific prices on an array of wholesale Arabic maxi dress at Kashmirstorz. With a wide selection of high quality dress available to order in bulk, we offer our customers lots of options on arabic and Islamic dress. We know finding right suppliers for arabic plus size dress can be stressful, but we are here to make it as easy and as fun as possible! A wide range of product categories are manufactured by us such as Evening Dress, Special Occasion Dress, Wedding, Party & Events. And you would definitely find the right Arabic Kaftan dresses from our collections.The Arabic Maxi Dress Outfits are made from various fine quality materials and generally consists of floor length with long sleeves dyed in various colours. These kind of garments or clothing items are also described as traditional Arab wear, South Asian, turkey, and Morocco attires. Their cultural origin is related to the Arabian Peninsula, where they originally came.

Chiffon Maxi Dress in Bulk

Chiffon Maxi Dress Supplier and Wholesaler

Whether you have a think Skinny body or if you land onto bulkier side or  there is a little bit more of you to love, the key to wearing loose outfits is to look cool. With its alluring drape and shimmery appearance, fabrics with chiffon weaving process are amongst popular choices for maxi dresses, kaftans, evening wear and high fashion dresses. Most Chiffon Outfits are printed and typically cut on an empire line, meaning that the waist line for the dress is raised well above the normal waistline. Silk chiffon being very expensive and restricted to high end boutiques, most of our customers prefer viscose, modal and polyester chiffons for garments. In Arab fashion world, viscose and poly chiffon is very much liked but they ask for underlaying another fabric underneath the chiffon to create dimension , nullify transparency factor and add volume to the garment.These types of Chiffon dress can really enhance the appearance of your bust and skims over other parts of the body, creating a gorgeous curvy silhouette that others will envy. Chiffon being perfect fabric for the whole year around season, it is preferred by every customer.

Lace Maxi Dresses

Lace Maxi Dress Suppliers and Islamic Dresses Wholesaler

Get Women’s Lace Maxi dress for any occasion at kashmirstorz, the leading Bulk suppliers and manufacturers of all kind of free size garments and kaftans. In lace dresses also there are number of criteria depending upon which country is your market. Like for example if any brand or retail chain owner is located in European countries, then they prefer to have very small intricate lace pattern designs embroidered over the maxi without having any kind of overwhelming effect of lace. They prefer very light weight laces and that too on small areas like sleeves, nearby garment slits area or under neckline portion of the dress. On the other hand if businesses have target audience in Middle Eastern Arabic Countries then they demand to have larger lace work done on the garments. They prefer lace designs and pattern to be easily noticed and constitute the major portion of the outfit. Lace designs that they look for should have floral and paisley patterns and also small beaded work is appreciated. Gold and Silver laces are opted for black and white colour based dresses. Whether you are looking for black & white maxi dress, floral ladies garments or or lace kaftan outfits, in our catalog you will find everything as per your bulk requirement

Maxi Dresses for Petites

Gone are the days when small body type ladies were asked to avoid maxi dresses because of short and small body structure. Now there are immensely lot of varieties of dresses particularly keeping in mind short girls and ladies. Most famous dresses are medium to small size patterns on petite frames. In terms of prints medium size print size with lot of spaces in between. Subtle colours with non overwhelming designs and patterns are preferred in this segment.  Some like fewer ruffles also and find them gorgeous. Rather than flat pattern curvy sizes are preferred by ladies who are body conscious and want to showcase their figure. Sometimes to look taller plain and vertical stripes dresses give flattery and elongated look on petite frame of body.

But In Japan average ladies come in small petite bodies but they look for oversize sleeveless maxi dresses and Kimonos which are front open dresses. Maxi dress turned into Tank Tops and one piece shirt dresses in fabrics like cotton and linen are mostly demanded by japanese customers 

Why Maxi Outfits ?

Due to its light-weight nature, these women outfits are extremely versatile. One can dress it down for the summer season, or hide layers underneath for the chilly winter. For ladies and women with flawed legs, long dress are always forgiving. One can easily wear it casually with flip flops or turn into stylish vista in heels. Any person can choose a sheer style for the beach or pool, or opaque for a formal occasion. With the best choices, a free size dress can be worn for virtually any event. Though these fashion staples seem to look better on some ladies, designers say there is a dress for any body type.

Styles of Maxi Dress

Maxi dress do come in a variety of styles. But this much is sure that not all styles will fit all accessions. As some styles are appropriate for work or formal events, others will be suitable only for a casual day or beach wear.

  • Halter Neck
  • Backless
  • Sheer
  • Strapless
  • Sleeveless
  • Long Sleeve
  • Short Sleeve

Now a days the time has come and women across world have realized that a comfy and stylish outfit is a must for every woman. To most women, a flowy and modest outfit is a huge asset. Due to their versatility and femininity, Loose Wear are some of the most admired and fashionable items of clothing in many areas around the world.

Who Can Wear a Maxi Dress?

Every Lady, woman or fashion vista girl can wear a Loose Fit dress. Wide variety of ways of styling a Loose Fit outfits have been crafted to suit any body type for a variety of events. One can easily take it to the beach, and still when every the need arise style it for a wedding or work. Nowadays, there has been a humongous rising trend by some women who wear it as maternity attire.

Different colors of maxi’s create dissimilar looks and require custom pairing. Most women preferably choose solids as they go with any color shoes. Plain Solid Category Beach Kaftans have a unique feature that they also make you appear taller, just like a skirt suit. Colorful and printed maxi Kaftans and skirts look super cute and perfect in warm weather. Floral prints are probably the most popular summer styles. Stripes are flattering as well. However, one needs to take care with striped clothes as they can create a counter look that one may not have intended to have.

Why Choose Us as Women’s maxi dresses Manufacturers ?

  • Fastest growing high quality Dress Supplier and Manufacturing company with expertise of three decades
  • Manufactures the top quality high Grade Fashion Bulk Loose Fit Outfits and Kaftan Dress and export to customers across world
  • Always offer exclusive designs not found anywhere else
  • Biggest choice of designs, colours, and patterns that no other Dress wholesaler can compete with

Purchasing Bulk Long Maxi dresses or one may say bulk buy maxi dresses is a decision that is sure to make a bold impact on your trendsetting customers and brand. Buy Loose fit dress for a quick and easy way to make your customers look so fashionable Our Minimum order quantities start from 100 pieces per style and we can offer designs and varieties from our catalog. However we are open to offer custom designs and pattern based dresses that customers want for their brands. All we need is exact specifications of what is required and we make samples as per the requirement and get approval before proceeding for the bulk orders. We have the capacity to manufacture 20,000 pieces per month.Prices mainly depend on what category , fabric and quantity is required by the customer. But the basic thumb rule is the with larger quantities the prices are relatively lower than small quantity orders.

We have customers across Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, USA, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE and Australia.  Our products have been a mainstay for Distributor Companies, Luxury Brand, Chain Store retailers of all sizes, events organisers and wedding customers both private & commercial.

For more information, Please fill out the inquiry form available at https://www.kashmirstorz.com/enquiry/en/request-quote , if you would like to apply for our stockist or want to buy our product in bulk. Or visit us directly at https://www.kashmirstorz.com and explore all the products. Also you can email us your requirement directly at [email protected] We can also be found on instagram at www.instagram.com/kashmirstorz.