Women’s Swimwear Cover Ups, Wraps, Beach Kaftans & Kimonos

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Women’s Swimwear Cover Ups, Wraps, Beach Kaftans & Kimonos

If one is planning for a beach vacation , it seems obvious that some time will be spent at the beach. So for such occasions there are three types of clothing and three outfit styles one needs to pack and take along for a beach vacation. Outfits such as resort wear (for times when one is hanging around the resort), clothes for exploration, and clothing for the beach itself.

Today lets through some light on beach cover-ups. The first and foremost important aspects of beach cover ups is that they protect you from the sun. Thought it is often seen that people go to beach to get sun kissed glow, but too much exposure is always bad as excessive exposure to the sun may cause wrinkles, skin spot and even increase the risk of skin cancer. So a stylish way to protect yourself from the sun is with a beach cover-up.The importance of cover-up does not end the sun protection, it also as other essential aspects linked to it. When one is roaming around the beach there seems the need to have something to cover-up, especially when walking through common areas like the lobby or a bar. At most resorts, the pool side may be a bit of a walk, and if one doesn’t feel like walking around in just a bikini, then a beach cover-up is a must.


Tunic  Beach Cover Ups

Tunic Beach wear cover-ups

A shirt garment when designed in oversize shape with length above the knees or one may say short in size, such outfits are called Tunic beach wear. It’s a loose-fitting garment and aare usually short sleeved. Tunics for the resort wear categories or beaches are manufactured in various fabrics some which includes chiffon, cotton, viscose, modal, silk, or rayon. These are offered in variety of colors, prints, and patterns. All the Tunics are quite flowy and usually are not tied with a belt. These kind of swimsuit cover ups may even be embroidered or beaded. Also tunics are designed differently as per body types like for example for an apple-shaped body  tunics are with a nice V-neck  that directs attention to neck and face.

Kaftan Beach Cover Ups

Printed Beach Kaftans for Women

A Kaftan beach cover up is a long flowy garment with length upto ankle and are usually short sleeved. Beach kaftans are more or less one of the variant of tunic with little bit alterations here and there. A caftan is a great option if one is looking for bit conservative option because it has more coverage since it  has long sleeves and are of ankle height.  Also for better sun protection these kaftans are preferred over tunics. Sometimes kaftans serve as a multipurpose dress if designed correctly, which means that same beach kaftan can be easily worn for a dinner party or date night. They come in many styles, patterns, and colors to fit every taste. This naturally slimming garment hides bulges, making it great on all shapes. Check out our wholesale Kaftans Page for more details

 Sarong Beach Cover Ups

Women's Sarongs Wraps for Beach

A sarong beach cover-up is the most multipurpose and handy of all the options. Ideally a sarong is a long rectangular shaped piece of fabric that is wrapped and tied around waist as a skirt, or used as many other forms like halter dress, long or short strapless dress, single shoulder dress and many more. The permutations and combinations are limited only by imagination with this style of beach cover-up. It is versatile, usually made up of lightweight materials, and with fashionable print designs makes it a beach essential these days. It is perfect for any quick cover up after a long day pool or beach. It can also be used as a towel and placed directly over  the body when one goes for tan. It is one outfit many uses which can be easily used as skirt, wrap-style dress, or even shawl and scarf all at the cost of one.

Beach Cover Ups Dresses

Beach coverup wraps and dresses in wholesale supply

Dress beach cover ups are mainly dresses designed and manufactured for resort wear and beach occasions. They can be a maxi dresses, strapless, and spaghetti strap, halter, in a variety of fabrics, shapes and fits. These dresses are made of very lighter materials which are mostly revealing and of see through types because people are supposed to wear bathing suit underneath. 

Kimono Beach Cover UP

beach kimonos and wrap arounds for resort wear.

This style of beach cover up are mostly designed with an open front and medium sleeve length. They come in both long or short lengths and are made of soft and light fabrics. They are comfortable and people find them little more sexier because they sort of expose the bikini. With an oversized floaty design one can easily add elements to enhance their overall beach look.

Cotton Cover Ups

Summer Cotton beach Wraps and kaftan dresses

Cotton has a very intrinsic nature that it is airy , cool and lets the skin breath while wearing any cotton dress. Thus cotton is perfect for resort wear and swim suit cover ups. They are also easy to handle and light weight.It dries quickly if one ventures into the sea with it and it folds up into your bag easily.

Robe Cover ups

Bathing Suit Robe Covers for Ladies

Robes make great beach cover ups If one wants to keep themselves warm after spending time in the water. These are made of high density cotton material with extra high absorbency similar to material used to make towels. Thus they act as quick drier. Mostly kimono robes and hooded robes are demanded off late. These are easy to carry around, presentable enough to walk around the resort or hotel in, and keep you warm and dry without the need for a separate towel.

Sun Dress

Printed Sun dresses in bulk

These type of cover ups are usually fit for those who wants to cover less body part on the beach. A sun dress is any woman’s throw-on-and-go summer piece. These types of dresses can be offered in both short and long lengths. Even strapless types are available in various print patterns. Best features of sun dresses is they are made of cool and fresh fabrics,  and they are easy to pull on and off over a swimsuit. There are so many designs suited for every body shape, so one can easily find a piece perfect for any summer season.


Play suits for casual clothing

In recent years in the fashion world, playsuits, jumpsuits, pantsuits, rompers, and dungarees all comes under one category and are regarded as same. To summarise, all these beach cover ups simply mean a “one-piece outfit”. These also can be offered and produced in various styles which ranges from strapless, asymmetrical neckline, sleeveless, backless, or with full coverage. All of the playsuits are made of light weight and cool fabric material perfect for the summer heat. These dresses are also done in lace category.One of the best things about a playsuit is that it’s perfect for any body type, and dressy enough for more formal beach events like dinner dates or parties.

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