Importance of Maxi Kaftan Dresses for women

Importance of Maxi Kaftan Dresses for women

Kaftan dresses are primarily free flowy falling loose gown reaching to the ankles. These type of dresses were originally based on Islamic delicacies that were actually associated with high class gaiety. With large number of fresh creative designs and varieties, these dresses have eventually evolved for betterment over many years. At present, one can easily get access to many multi coloured digital prints, floral patterns, and ornate ethnic lace and embroidered designs adoring a caftan dress. Apart from normal attachments there are often lot of other design features added into these dresses like adding kimono sleeves on the dress and V-neckline with buttons to open it. There are immensely valid reasons as to why a woman needs to wear these kaftan dresses. First and foremost is that they are long and lightweight that hang loose on the body. One can adjudge them as long-sleeved tunics but with wider sleeves. They are made from lighter fabrics, as they are mostly worn in summer seasons. Mostly caftans are preferred in brightly colours and embellished with patterns, embroidery, appliqué or other adornments reminiscent of the garment’s African and Middle Eastern origins.The origin and history of caftans is a tale that goes in between ancient glamor and latest trendy style.


With Kaftan being of free size which means “one size fits all” patterns, it becomes a attractive natural choice for ladies across all body types and age groups. Whether a lady has thin body type or seems to be on a bulgy side, these dresses suit everyone. In fact, ladies who fall into plus size category often prefer only kaftans because it seems to hide the awkward looks and help the lady portray elegance.


Kaftans are also sometimes termed as relax wear because of being breezy and light, they make anybody feel relaxed. These dresses seems to be a perfect fit for any casual occasion. Whether anyone is interesting in taking a trip to the shopping lane, or whether someone has thrown a home-based evening parties, or for that matter anything else, putting on these dresses does make a lady feel classy and comfortable. One more notion connected with these dresses is that they are often tagged as perfect evening and night dresses. Some of the best fabrics which are suitable for making these loose fitted outfits are viscose crepe, modal, cotton , silk and every other material that is soft on the skin.


With immense collections of designs patterns to choose from, these loose fitted dresses or maxi dresses are the most vibrant and colourful. Kaftan styles can stun anyone with the kind of varieties present in the market from embroidered thread to colourful beads, and funky designer prints. In the print category of dresses Patterns can mimic art, Bohemian prints, images, flowers, drawings etc. In today’s world, digital textile printing has made sure that designers are well equipped to use their craziest ideas to print garments with maximum ease.


People who have passion to be around water bodies of and on, require swimwear cover ups and nothing can fit the requirement of such outfits other than our famous kaftans dresses. Breezy , light weight and easy to handle and carry,  these multi coloured dresses accentuate the look of any lady. Whether the occasion is a holiday trip or if one is attending a beach party, you can use these kind of caftan dresses at any time to look good on all occasions. Accessorising with Kaftans is very much easy like for example one can wear chunky tribal necklaces, and then match it up with a bohemian hairstyle, ethnic footwear, and nice make-up. After all these, these dresses will also protect your body from sunburns when you are out on the beach.

Pregnancy Dress

During pregnancy, a lady wants to hide her de-shaped body and also wants to have something that will make her comfortable. for example a lightweight pregnancy dress or a maternity suit for health reasons. Well these loose fitted dresses are ideal in those situation and can be easily worn because of is free-size design.

So in nutshell whatever may be the occasion there is kaftan for every occasion and thereby it is imperative to have this type in every women’s wardrobe.

Long Style : This is the one of the most standard style of dress and the can be located at every store easily. It generally has plain colour  or prints patterns or designs. Sleeve lengths will vary depending on zone and climate, but the dress in itself generally reaches down to ankles.

Short: These are by products of the modernisation of older version of Caftans. Actually caftans were traditionally designed for arab women to cover the entire body, but with the introduction of these dresses in western world, modifications and alterations were incorporated and result of that gave birth to the short caftan dresses which are generally to the knee length and show off women’s legs.

Open: Caftans have been mostly acknowledged as Dress with completely closed in the front.However, there are some varieties are designed like long over coats or like Japanese kimonos. These are greatly used for covering over other outfits, especially either during beach holidays when ladies needs to cover their swim suits while roaming around the beach or during mid spring and fall when the weather is warm but the wind is still chilly.

V-neck: These are sensuous type of dresses which can never be considered in modest category.The V-neck design which is usually deep and is mainly used to complement—but not expose—a lady’s assets. These are great for warm, casual settings when you want to be comfortable and fabulous: think a day by the pool or a church summer barbecue.

Fitted: Ladies who are proud of their bodies and wants to flaunt their curves use these kind of outfits which are narrow in around the waist.These dresses comes also belted with a tie, which one can easily swap out for an even more versatile look.

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